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Support for those affected by Hurricane Irma

September 12, 2017 2:43 PM | Deleted user

Dear THSOA Members, 


In the wake of Hurricane Irma, our hearts go out to the Florida, Georgia and South Carolina communities dealing with this catastrophic event. 


We have been following along with the news of citizens and members of the first responder teams as they work to support each other during this terrible time. We hope all our THSOA members, both domestically and internationally, will join with us in sharing our best wishes and prayers to our fellow members who have been impacted by this disaster. 


We would also like to encourage all THSOA members to help the members in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina affected by Hurricane Irma in any way you can. 


Volunteer Your Time 

Donating Money or Food

If you can't make it to do volunteer work, consider donating money or food:


Donate Blood

·         Red Cross — redcross.org/blood

Help Displaced Pets

Help Rebuild

The regions affected by Irma are going to need our help in rebuilding their communities. That’s where organizations like Habitat for Humanity come into the equation. You can donate to Habitat for Humanity or any Irma-specific campaigns run by Habitat for Humanity and use your money to help kick-start the rebuilding process. To donate, head over to and explore this page:

To our friends in these affected areas please stay safe and know that we, fellow THSOA colleagues, board and staff, are thinking of you.




Brian Busey

President, The Hydrographic Society of America

Telephone: +1 (907) 982-5321 E-Mail: bbusey@terrasond.com


Melissa Wood

Secretary, The Hydrographic Society of America

Telephone: +1 (713) 208-1734 E-Mail: melissawood@tdi-bi.com

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