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Technical Volunteers Needed for 2016 World Hydrography Day

March 01, 2016 11:35 AM | Deleted user

The Hydrographic Society of America (THSOA) is seeking Technical Volunteers in assisting the Administrative Assistant with the promotion of World Hydrography Day.

The Theme for 2016, which is provided by International Hydrographic Organization is "Hydrography - the key to well-managed seas and waterways".

We are seeking help in the following topics.

Technical Volunteers can choose from the following options to help THSOA promote World Hydrography Day. They can write a Technical Article for the eSeahorse Newsletter; Compile a list of facts that will go on a infographic poster; or write an article that will be published on the magazine of their choice.

If you are interested in assisting, please email the administrative assistant at alma@thsoa.org or call +1 (774) 773-8470.

Topics for World Hydrography Day 2016

The importance of hydrography for sustainable seas and waterways
The theme is intended to focus attention on the fundamental importance of hydrography and our knowledge of the shape, nature and depth of the seafloor as a fundamental requirement for the proper, safe, sustainable and cost effective use of the world’s seas, oceans and waterways.

The best use of limited knowledge.
The theme also provides the opportunity to highlight the fact that while there are significant gaps in our knowledge, most hydrographic offices manage, or have access to the most comprehensive hydrographic data that exists for each country and that they are increasingly making this data available for the widest possible use as part of developing national spatial data infrastructures, in addition to publishing charts for safety of navigation.

The work and contribution of hydrographers.
The World Hydrography Day 2016 theme will enable the work of all the world’s hydrographers - whether from the public or the private sector, to be highlighted and related to the increasing public and political awareness of the importance of the seas and waterways to everyone’s lives. The theme will also enable all stakeholders involved in hydrography to highlight the significance and importance of their activities. These could include, but are not limited to, the support of safety of navigation, protection of the marine environment, coastal zone management, marine spatial data infrastructures, defence, resource exploration, and all other components of the blue economy.

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