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THSOA Launches New Online Discussion Forum

February 04, 2016 9:52 AM | Deleted user

The Hydrographic Society of America (THSOA) has launched a Technical Advisory Board to encourage its members to submit questions and provide direct input on important issues being dealt by the hydrographic profession.

The THSOA Technical Advisory Board is an easy-to-use online discussion forum hosted on the thsoa.org website and is currently moderated by two THSOA trustees.

The member-only forum allows its members to provide questions affecting their hydrographic profession and respond to key questions on other emerging issues.

The Technical Advisory Board can be found on the THSOA website at www.thsoa.org/forums. Users must be current THSOA members and logged into the thsoa.org website to participate.

Users of the forum are asked to read the forum disclaimer carefully before participating, as the use of the forums constitutes your agreement with the disclaimer.

Any questions or comments regarding the forum should be submitted to board@thsoa.org. Questions regarding your membership or login information should be submitted to alma@thsoa.org.

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