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Hydrography Videos and Videos/Images Needed

December 07, 2015 12:36 PM | Deleted user
The Hydrographic Society of America recently added videos from IHO and SSSI to our website.

There are three different videos:

  • Hydrography as a career (English Only)
  • Hydrography (English and Spanish)
  • Hydrography explained to kids (English and Spanish)
To view the video visit our website at www.thsoa.org/Videos.

IHO will create another video on recruitment of Hydrographer. They are seeking video footage and images.

The potential images and videos they are looking for are:
  • Surveying from jet-skis
  • Images of beautiful seas and beaches - ex. Carribean, Indonesia, Polynesia and Australia
  • A picturesque, remote promontory in Scotland/Ireland, a remote and beautiful lighthouse.
  • Airplanes, helicopters, commercial survey ship, underwater, oil platform, navy
  • Hydrographers at work
  • Antarctica jobs with operators on the ice pack under extreme conditions
  • Multibean clip in Australia
  • Survey underway in busy sea lane
  • Burning oil at sea in Gulf of Mexico
  • Rescuing cute sea animals
  • Pipeline/Cable route Surveys
  • High definition harbour surveys
  • Tsunami in Japan or Indian Ocean
  • Boundaries, Warships, Coast Guard Vessels
Technical Requirements:
Video Clips: minimum standards HD Ready (1280x720) clean, no logos or banners – 2500 kbps – 25 images per second;

Photos: tiff, jpg or psd format, minimum 2200x1700 pixels - resolution 150 dpi – 8 bit per color channel.

To submit your photos or videos clips please email: info@iho.int.

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