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THSOA Hydrographer Certification Reimbursement Program

April 13, 2012 9:57 AM | Deleted user

To emphasize the importance of the ACSM Hydrographer Certification Test (HCT), THSOA will offer to assist its members who elect to take the test by reimbursing them for their test fees. The HCT requires a $50 application fee that is due when an applicant applies to take the test and a $150 examination/certification fee that is due when the applicant takes the test. The total cost to take the HCT is $200.

  • Beginning 1 April 2012, THSOA will reimburse its members to cover the fees incurred in taking the HCT after that date. The initial program will run through 1 May 2014. The Board may elect to continue the program on an annual basis.
  • Members must have been active (paid) members of THSOA for at least one year prior to taking the HCT.
  • Only members who sit to take the HCT after the specified date will be eligible for reimbursement. Members who file the application fee ($50) and then elect not to take the HCT will not be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Members may request reimbursement after they have taken the HCT by filling out an on-line form on the THSOA web site.
  • Upon receipt of a reimbursement request, THSOA will check with the ACSM board to verify that the member has taken the HCT and that they qualify as a THSOA-member in good standing (paid) for at least the past year.
    • If so, the THSOA will notify the treasurer and a check for $200 will be sent to the member within 30 days.
    • If not so, THSOA will notify the applicant as to the reason for the rejection of their reimbursement.
  • The member does not have to pass the HCT to qualify for reimbursement.
  • Members will only be reimbursed for one attempt at the HCT. Future attempts to pass the HCT will not be reimbursed by THSOA.

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