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THSOA Officer Elections

November 15, 2013 10:31 AM | Deleted user

The THSOA Officer Elections started today (11/15/2013).  An email was sent out to all current members about voting in the election.  In the email you will receive your member number and an access code.  This combination can only be used once.  If you did not receive this email then it can one of three problems:

    Your membership is not current.
    We have a bad email address on file for you.
    The email is in your spam folder.

If you did not receive the email today, please contact me and we can figure out why.  I can also provide you with the details (member number and access code) needed for you to cast your vote.

On Monday, 11/18/2013, I will be posting the members whose emails were returned for a bad email address.

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