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Bad E-Mail Addresses

November 18, 2013 10:30 AM | Deleted user

With sending the current request for voting in the Officer Elections the following members either had a bad email address or no email address at all.  If you see this, or somebody who knows one of these members sees this, please have them contact me with their updated information.

The members are:

    Mr. Milton Rutstein
    Mr. Isagani Almacen
    Mr. John A. Brader
    Mr. Douglas C. Moore
    Mr. Brian Heap
    Mr. Rob Morris
    Mr. Thomas N. Blakely
    Mr. Timothy Kearns
    Mr. Keith Pope
    Mr. Ken Grantham
    CAPT John D. Cousins, USN (Ret)
    Mr. Tim Basinger
    Mr. Michael Meehan
    Mr. Steven Posey
    Mr. Brandon Bowie
    Mr. John C. Haas III
    Mr. Brian Anderson
    Mr. Haseeb Rafeek
    Mr. Wesley Sessoms
    Mr. Donald Lance, PLS
    Mr. Eli Zatezalo
    Jr. Michael J. Caldwell
    Ms. Taylor M. Intaphan
    Mr. Manuel Montes
    Mr. Héctor Yamil Rodríguez Asilis
    Mr. Jeffrey L. Fouch
    Mrs. Starla D. Robinson

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