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Ship Island- Expansion of GPS Based Real Time Positioning for Coastal Restoration, Protection Projects, Spill Response and Science, Fisheries Studies and Nearshore and Offshore Ecosystem Mapping

July 03, 2017 1:41 PM | Deleted user

The Real Time GPS Network operated by LSU C4G has added Ship Island to the Network to increase the real time coverage in the Gulf and nearshore waters for coastal surveying, hydro surveying, coastal restoration and coastal protection projects as well as state, federal and local infrastructure projects. 


As the attached graphics show, coverage of the GPS CORS based Real Time Network has expanded significantly for SE Louisiana, Coastal Mississippi and coastal/nearshore and offshore areas. 


In addition to the ability to survey and work in real time with the RTN and GPS CORS network, LSU C4G should be introducing in the near future the use of the New Real Time RTXnet Processor using Precise Point Positioning (PPP). This new positioning resource should significantly enhance and expand out the areas able to be surveying using the C4G networks and real time resources. 

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