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Southeast Chapter at Biloxi High School Career Day

March 17, 2016 1:50 PM | Deleted user
On March 15th, The Hydrographic Society of America (THSOA) Southeast Chapter participated in the Biloxi High School Career day. Biloxi High School is one of the largest schools with 1,600 students on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In a small and comfortable environment, THSOA Southeast Chapter was able to expose at least 200 out of the 800 students who visited the career day to the world of Hydrography.

At the Career day, there were 23 tables and their primary themes were healthcare and the food/entertainment industry. Only two tables were directly related to science and engineering. Those two organizations were THSOA Southeast Chapter and the MS Department of Marine Resources, DMR.

THSOA Southeast Chapter informed students on Hydrography along with the associated sciences and engineering. The storyline used was that few know Hydrography as a science and little know the engineering associated with survey. Biloxi High School was grateful for our participation and the Southeast Chapter is glad that many students were exposed to our industry.

Completely unexpected was one student who saw our banners from across the way and ran up stating, “I can’t believe you are here. This is exactly what I want to do for a career!” She stayed the time allotted while we discussed the society, summer program possibilities, scholarships, educational and employment opportunities.

Also discussed were academic preparation for whatever the interested student was considering. And of course, letting the students know the importance of their “best” ACT score.

While there are difficulties in participating in efforts such as this. As examples, you are not the most popular table with Mc Donald’s and Army blow you away and 80% of the students have absolutely no interest but there are 20% do.

Career day efforts such as these are worth it if we can help steer some to a science and engineering field.     





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