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TDI-Brooks seeking both a ‘Senior’ and an ‘Entry/Mid-Level’ Surveyor

May 24, 2022 4:52 PM | Anonymous

TDI-Brooks is seeking both a ‘Senior’ and an ‘Entry/Mid-Level’ Surveyor preferably based at our campus in College Station, TX. 

TDI-Brooks is a research and service company that operates four (4) multi-use oceanographic research vessels domestically and internationally on wind farm and oil industry projects.  Our vessels are employed for survey, geotechnical, environmental and seep-hunting projects. 

The job would involve up to 4-6 months/year offshore in 2-4 week increments (possibly less for the Senior SURVEYOR). 


  • Monitoring the acquisition of navigation, scientific sampling, geophysical survey, and engineering data at sea in U.S. and foreign waters.
  • Installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of our various geophysical survey and navigation instruments and samplers.
  • For the Senior Surveyor the duties could include but not limited to:

o    Geophysical data validation and processing.

o    Project Data Management.

o    Data processing / interpretation.

o    Maintain, track, and repair geophysical sensors relating to surface and subsurface navigation (USBL, DGPS and Heading Systems).

Preferred Qualifications and Experience

  • Previous offshore survey and navigation experience.
  • Ability to be safety aware and follow Company’s safety policies as well as encourage safety with all members of the field party.
  • IT, GIS (datum transformation) and Data Management skills are a plus. 
  • For the Senior Surveyor position: (1) Prepare project procedures and plans, (2) Specify data acquisition requirements and plan surveys, (3) Monitor system performance against specification and re-assess quality control criteria; (4) Assess calibration results and approve or not approve results based on knowledge, and experience; and (5) etc. 
  • For the Senior Surveyor position, geophysical interpretative skills are a plus.

How to apply?  

Qualified applicants should send a resume by email to info@tdi-bi.com

TDI-Brooks International, Inc.

14391 S Dowling Rd

College Station TX 77845


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