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Houston Chapter Photo Gallery Archive

2020 March Technical Talk on March 10th, 2020

Thank you to everyone who attended and to FUGRO for being the drinks sponsor for the evening.

2020 annual Chili Cook-Off

Special thanks to DOF Subsea, OARS, Oceanscan, and Sonardyne for sponsoring this event. 

2019 Hydro Bowl

Thanks to Josh Dugan for being our photographer at this event.

2019 OTC Crawfish Boil (4th Annual)

Special thanks to Teledyne for sponsoring this event. 

2019 Annual Chili Cook-Off

2018 Holiday Party

2018 Technical Luncheon

2018 Hydro Bowl

2018 OTC Crawfish Boil (3rd Annual)

2018 Chili Cook-Off

2017 Technical Luncheon

2017 Hydro Bowl

2017 OTC Crawfish Boil (2nd Annual)

2014 Holiday Party

2014 Technical Luncheon

2014 Hydro Bowl