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About the West Coast Chapter

The Hydrographic Society of America (THSOA) is increasing West Coast visibility and outreach with the launch of the THSOA West Coast Chapter (WCC). The west coast will be divided up into regional centers, each with a captain to lead events in that region. Events will be open to all THSOA members and meetings announcements emailed to those residing west of the Rockies.

Current regional areas, regional captains and WCC board members include:

  • Alaska - Anchorage – Brian Busey (WCC Treasurer & Captain) 
  • Washington - Seattle – Bob Feldpausch (WCC Secretary) 
  • Oregon - Portland – Dan Proudfit (Captain) 
  • Oregon - Portland – Mike Mutschler (WCC Chair) 
  • California - San Diego – Vacant

P.O. Box 1095
Cheshire, CT 06410