November 15, 2019

Navy Seeking New Technologies

The Navy is seeking new technologies that will help improve their mission success and understanding of the world’s oceans.

To propose to ANTX, an organization (company, university, or government) completes a single sheet with four elements (quad chart).  If the US Navy feels one of their missions will be enhanced by using the technology, that organization’s proposal will be accepted.  The Navy then creates a mission to test the technology and will arrange for the mission to be completed without the technology and then again with it.  These test scenarios are scheduled throughout the year and inventors/suppliers are provided feedback on how their technology performed within the scenario.  There are opportunities to team with others if needed to demonstrate your technology.

In 2020, the results tests involving selected US and all non-US technologies will be presented during the OCEANS 2020 conference, October 19-22.  An organization that has a technology to test does not necessarily have to be present at the results event. Please visit the conference website to learn more:  Our collaboration with the Navy is not yet on this website and will be added shortly.  The conference is another opportunity for potential customers to see the technology in action.

If you believe your technology will advance a US Navy mission, please apply.  Additionally, a US environmentally-focused organization, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will also partner with the Navy to seek new technologies in sensing, data handling, analytics, AI, cloud computing and more.  Note there is no funding associated with these exercises, but the idea is to provide a mechanism to demonstrate the technology to large potential buyers in the US.  Here is the link:

MSET has an agreement with the organizations that host ANTX and can answer questions if needed.  Please ask anyone with questions to contact me at