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The Houston Chapter meets on the second Tuesday of every month unless otherwise specified. For events where alcohol is served, please see our alcohol policy on our policies page. 

Upcoming events

    • February 09, 2021
    • 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM (CST)
    • Online - Register for Teams Link

    The Hydrographic Society of America-Houston Chapter's February Technical Meeting

    The Hydrographic Society of America - Houston Chapter's February Technical Meeting

    Time: 10:30AM CST (11:30 EST) (16:30 GMT)

    Location: Online - Register for meeting link

    Speaker - Dr. Leslie Sautter - College of Charleston

    Title:  The BEAMS Program – College of Charleston’s Undergraduate Program in Seafloor Mapping

    Additional Info: Since 2007, nearly 200 undergraduate students have taken courses geared towards initial training in seafloor mapping.  The BEAMS Program has grown from a single course to four courses and a planned field program, which seek to engage and inspire the new generation of hydrographers.  

    More than 100 “BEAMers” – nearly half of whom are women – have entered the hydrographic workforce or gone to graduate programs in which they utilize and develop their hydrographic skills. This talk will introduce the program and some of its accomplishments along with its projected future.

    About the Speaker: Dr. Leslie "Doc" Sautter has taught Marine Geology at the College of Charleston for nearly 30 years. She specializes in developing/implementing programs to engage students in actual research programs (BEAMS, Transects, GUSTO), all of which include at-sea field experience. She began the BEAMS program and has served as its director. Nearly all of these geology and marine biology majors students have had the chance to go to sea as well as the opportunity to present at either a US Hydro or Ocean Sciences meeting. 

    • March 09, 2021
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (CST)
    • Online - Register for Teams Link

    The Hydrographic Society of America-Houston Chapter's March Technical Meeting

    The Hydrographic Society of America - Houston Chapter's March Technical Meeting

    Location: Online - Register for meeting link

    Speaker - Marcus Kwasek - QPS

    Title: Beyond point clouds, 3D polygonal meshes for discovery of new features in marine datasets
    Additional Info: When using dense, high precision survey data, the choice of methods for management and visualization of the data can have a large impact on the final decision making process. This is an important factor when planning marine site investigations and asset inspections, as there are significant trade-offs with traditional approaches. Gridded surfaces, even with variable resolution, are inherently a 2.5 dimensional data structure and cannot adequately model complex overlapping or vertical structures. Alternatively, point clouds can represent any shape or structure, but by themselves pose challenges for visualization and quantitative analysis. To address these limitations and bridge the benefits of both point clouds and gridded surfaces, we investigated using 3D polygonal meshes to improve the speed and quality of visual analysis. In addition, the 3d meshes provide new methods for quantitative change detection and monitoring. The new techniques were applied to point datasets acquired from underwater laser scanning, multibeam data, and photogrammetry.

    About the Speaker: Marcus Kwasek spent 7 years performing geophysical, geotechnical, and environmental surveys with a variety of equipment. He used this equipment to analyze and interpret geological features above and below the seafloor. His strong background in fish/invertebrate zoology and morphology enabled him to perform various environmental surveys (i.e. grab sampling, acoustic tagging, trawl sampling, etc.). Marcus currently works in technical support at QPS providing support and training for clients using QPS navigation and processing software.

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